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19 Jul 2016

Hello from Chicago!

Hello from Chicago! A wonderful city to be inspired by its history, colour, music and food. I arrived a week ago to enjoy the warm and humid summer. I've already seen some textiles, had tasty coffee and beer and rejoiced in a night of jazz. I'm staying here for a few more weeks and I hope to gather lots of exciting images.


¡Saludos desde Chicago! Una ciudad magnífica para inspirarse con su historia, colores, música y comida. Llegué hace una semana para disfrutar de este verano cálido y húmedo. He visto algo de textiles, he tomado cafés y cervezas buenísimas y tuve una noche de jazz. Seguiré aquí por unas semanas más y espero juntar montones de imágenes para alucinar.


Paravent said...

It's a wonderful city! My best friend lives there and I've always had the best time there too :) Hope you have a fabulously fun stay Karen. Kylie x

Karen Barbé said...

Thank you, Kylie! I'm already loving this city!

Unknown said...

Hey Karen,

I've always loved your photographs - they have a beautiful colour balance. Can I ask you what camera and lens you use for them?


M said...

I highly recommend The Promontory in Hyde Park for a great meal! Enjoy!

Karen Barbé said...

Andrew – So glad to hear you like my photos! I always use my Canon Rebel 400D with a 35mm lens but more recently I'm shooting with a 5D ii. These pictures specifically were shot with the 5D and a Canon 50mm lens which I like very much because it's so light to carry around (compensates the heavy camera body).

M – Thanks so much for your tip! I will definitely pay a visit!

Unknown said...

Thanks Karen. I have an equivalent to the 400D with a 50mm lens, never thought about trying a 35mm. I'll have to pick one up and give it a go. Thanks again!