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2 Aug 2015

The Royal School of Needlework

Hello from Hampton Court Palace—home to the Royal School of Needlework! It's been five weeks now that I've been attending embroidery classes at this wonderful place in England. For years I've been wanting to come here and learn from these experienced embroidery masters so this is much of a dream came true.

We have daily classes and embroider for about six hours day (not counting homework hours!). Yes, it is a blissful experience but let me tell you it's hard work!!! Your fingers, hands, neck and shoulders get really sore! And sometimes the frustration of unpicking stitches (again and again) can be really tough on your mind. Well, no pain, no gain ;)

Here, classmates Hiromi and Yumiko.

You can find more pictures on my Instagram account.


¡Saludos desde Hampton Court Palace, la sede de Royal School of Needlework! Ya son cinco semanas las que llevo en clases de bordado en este lugar maravilloso en Inglaterra. Por años había querido venir hasta acá y aprender de estas verdaderas maestras del bordado así que esto es un sueño hecho realidad.

Tenemos clases diarias y bordadamos por casi seis horas al día (¡sin contar las horas de trabajo en la casa!). Sí, es una experiencia idílica pero es ¡¡trabajo duro!! Los dedos, manos, cuello y hombros en verdad terminan adoloridos. Y algunas veces la frustración de deshacer las puntadas (una y otra vez) puede ser realmente duro mental y emocionalmente. Bueno, así se aprende...

Acá, mis compañeras Hiromi y Yumiko.

Pueden ver más fotos en mi cuenta de Instagram.


WSAKE said...

this is so great! and i really can imagine all the "pain" that goes into your work... but it must be such a great experience! enjoy your time and keep us posted!

Frances said...

Karen, it is absolutely fabulous that you are having this opportunity to study at The Royal School of Needlework. Yes, I can well imagine how it would be a dream come true...even if that dream does involve lots of concentrated work.

I am also sure that all your instructors must be delighted to have you in their midst. Lots and lots of cross pollination, with all sorts of influences meeting each other.

Lovely to see that you've also gotten over to Paris and are able to see some of beautiful London, I place I love very much.

Continued best wishes to you. Perhaps if I click back over to this post, I will be able to access your instagram photographs and see if you add more as the weeks go by.


m i ki said...

Thank you Karen for your always inspiring post and work. Thanks for sharing .-)
I hope one day to meet you in Chile ... maybe ...
Enjoy your holiday :-)


Montse Llamas said...

Yo sigo tu viaje con gran interés. Y mucha envidia también :)

Sigue disfrutándolo!