Karen Barbé Workshops

24 May 2015

Colours I dislike

What are the colours you dislike most? A good exercise when creating colour palettes is working with hues you really dislike and try to build a nice colour combination from there. I know it sounds counterintuitive but it helps to train the eye and let you discover unexpected palettes that you may actually end up liking!

The ones I dislike most? Purple, green and red. Today I began with green and I think it went easy. Purple is going to be a real challenge...


¿Cuáles son los colores que menos te gustan? Un buen ejercicio cuando se crean paletas de color es trabajar con tonos que en verdad no te gusten y a partir de ahí tratar de construir una buena combinación de color. Suena contradictorio pero ayuda mucho a entrenar el ojo y permitirte descubrir paletas inesperadas que ¡puede que terminen gustándote!

¿Los que menos me gustan? Morado, verde y rojo. Hoy comencé con el verde pero creo que resultó fácil. El desafío va a ser el morado...


Paravent said...

That's such a great idea Karen! Funnily enough, the colour I dislike the most is purple too! I can bear the pink-toned purples, like magenta, but the blue-toned purples make me shudder ;) Also I'm not a fan of dark forrest greens, although I absolutely love bright fresh greens. Your combination looks so luscious and gorgeous :) Kx

Karen Barbé said...

Kylie – Next time I'll try to make a nice combination and see if I can change our perception of purple. But it will be definitely hard as I don't even have any purple props to start with!

the Blue Rabbit House. said...

Green, blue, yellow and brown tones are the ones I'm naturally drawn too. Pink, purple and sometimes red are the ones I don't use often. I don't dislike them, it just doesn't seem to fit properly within my work.

I'm very curious to see the next results!