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25 Jul 2013

Reasons for doing what I do

“Writers say they write for people to like them, to go down in history, to exorcise their demons, to criticise the world they don't like, to escape from their neurosis, etc, etc. I write for all these reasons and because I can be myself when writing.”
Maria Antònia Oliver

I have the same reasons for doing what I do.

I spent these last days at the seaside.


“Los escritores dicen que escriben para que la gente les quiera más, para la posteridad, para despejar los demonios personales, para criticar el mundo que no gusta, para huir de sus neurosis, etc., etc. Yo escribo por todas estas razones y porque escribiendo puedo ser yo misma”.
Maria Antònia Oliver

Tengo las mismas razones para hacer lo que hago.

Pasé estos últimos días en la playa.


Anonymous said...

Hello Karen,
Spending time at the seaside is always great and inspirational. Your pictures are beautiful and for me the colours on the photo of the tree are gorgeous. Thanks for sharing your impressions:)

Karen Barbé said...

Thanks for your words Elisabeth.
It always feels so energizing and refreshing to spend some days away from your usual spot.

Paravent said...

Beautiful photos Karen :) I love the way you express yourself in your words and your work, and also in your photos. The way they are framed and styled is such a beautiful realisation of your style :) Kx

querido diário said...

You do it very well,'being yourself'*

Karen Barbé said...

Thank you dear friends!