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28 Dec 2011


I got these candies for Christmas. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend :)

I'm very happy to see my name again in the pages of Martha Stewart Living magazine. This time my blog is featured as one of the blogs to bookmark this month (Jan 2012). Wow!

Now it's time to fold 2011 and would like to wish all of you the best for the coming year and that your dearest hopes come true, whatever that is–to have a new job, welcome a new family member*, find a new love*, get married, drop those extra pounds*, visit new places*, learn something new*, make up with someone, take up embroidery, make new friends*, see a family member's health improve*, read more books than last year*, start jogging, volunteer in your community* and of course, that the world doesn't end on December 21st*. Do you have a special dream for 2012?

See you next year!

* From my own list.


Me regalaron estos caramelos para Navidad. Espero que hayan tenido un lindo fin de semana.

Estoy contentísima de ver de nuevo mi nombre en las páginas de la revista Martha Stewart Living. Esta vez mi blog es mencionado como uno de los blogs favoritos del mes (Enero 2012). ¡Guau!

Quiero desearles lo mejor para el año que viene y que se cumplan sus más anhelados sueños, lo que sea que ellos sean: tener una nuevo trabajo, recibir a un nuevo miembro de la familia*, encontrar un nuevo amor*, casarse, bajar los kilos de más*, conocer nuevos lugares*, reconciliarse con alguien, empezar a hacer bordado, hacer nuevos amigos*, que el estado de salud de un ser querido mejore*, leer más libros que el año anterior*, empezar a trotar, hacer voluntariado en su comunidad* y por supuesto, que no se acabe el mundo el 21 de diciembre*. ¿Tienen algún sueño especial para 2012?

¡Nos vemos el próximo año!

* De mi lista personal.


Kylie said...

Happy New Year Karen!
Hope all your wishes and dreams come true too :)

p.s. that 21st Dec thing looks freaky ;)

Jesse said...

Hope you have a wonderful 2012!

Julie Lapointe said...

Happy New Year and may your wishes come true!

Anna Emilia said...

It is time to learn a bit more new languages, I think. A small step I take with it, it does not need to be a-whole-language, just some phrases from here and there to make communicating easier. I think that is a good one for the 2012.

Those candies look very pretty, almost like a little story inside of each one of them. Congratulations also for the blog feature, I can second that.

Have a soft landing for the 2012 dear Karen, here I saw already the first fireworks while bicycling home from downtown from having a coffee with a friend (we are still waiting for snow). Much of warm thoughts and busy hands for you!

Montse Llamas said...

Pues que puedas cumplir tu lista personal!

Unknown said...

Happy new year Karen!
(i won't start jogging for sure)

Kickcan & Conkers said...

Happy New Year Karen, here's to another year of sharing and fun, but no jogging for me :)

ElisabethAndrée said...

A little bit late, but Karen I wish you all the best for 2012. Hopefully the * on your list will come true! No jogging for me either:)

Frances said...

Bravo to you, Karen, for the spot in Martha Stewart Living! I also wish you a wonderful 2012.

Your colorful candies brought back memories for me. My dearest great auntie used to send such pretty candies to us at Christmastime. She's also always in my heart for having taught me to knit. (I still use some of her very own knitting needles when I make socks.)

I have many hopes and wishes for the New Year, and chief amongst them is a desire to once again do some travelling. More about this as the weeks unfold.


Kaylovesvintage said...

wishing you a good & colorful 2012