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2 Jun 2011


I've never known what to do with finger knitting other than having a relaxing time.
Goodbye Easter bunny (x_x)


Nunca he sabido qué hacer con el tejido de dedos fuera de pasar un rato relajadísimo.
Adiós conejo de Pascua (x_x)


lanusa said...

Como se hace!!tengo q buscar,q maravilla!

the Blue Rabbit House. said...

Poor - delicious looking - Easter bunny.

I think we need a relaxing thing to do from time to time, without having a proper goal for it.

María José Rodríguez said...

OHOOHHO Que buena! Acá en el sur conocí un telar redondo! chiquito con 4 clavitos que teje algo similar, si no igual, al tejido de dedos...será lo mismo?...yo voy a empezar a experimentar con él :D

Karen said...

Raquel – No es para nada difícil, claro que explicarlo acá sería muy largo y enredado!

eva – Yeah, poor thing, it found its end in the microwave...

chica – Sí, la manera de tejer es la misma que con esos telares circulares. Claro que con los dedos queda más abierto el tejido.

Frances said...

Oh yes, let's bid that bunny a fond farewell, with many thanks for its sweetness.

Finger knitting is something new to me, yet with your photos showing those relaxed loops of yarn over yarn, I think I have got it!

Karen, it is always such fun to visit you and see what is going on in the creative South.


ElisabethAndrée said...

Hello Karen,
I would like to tell you that I may pass the Kreative Blogger Award and that I have chosen you and your blog. The award is a recognition for what you do and I hope you want to accept it. If you do, please visit my blog to pick up the award. Hope you will!

Karen said...

Thanks for this award, Elisabeth!

agnes szucs said...

it might make a nice necklace.
but that poor little bunny... :P