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9 Jun 2011

Treasured things

Yesterday I repainted this old school chair. It belonged to my grandfather who was headmaster to a rural school.


Ayer pinté esta silla de colegio. Pertenecía a mi abuelo quien era director en una escuela rural.


Kylie said...

Such a beautiful chair... what colour did you paint it?
Love these photos, especially your drawer of goodies :)

Karen said...

Kylie – Actually this is what it looked like after the first layer of paint with this soft beige colour called Macadamia. Originally it was painted in a shiny red enamel. I needed something more subdued.

julie said...

I love your lightning here ! looks like an aki kaurismaki movie.
I could hire you as my photo assistant ! :0)
xxx have a good weekend karen

auprès de mon arbre said...

This chair is amazing,
It is a character by itself.
Upright, simple, obvious,
I have the impression that it waits us for a conversation.
I love the sweet ness of your pictures, as usual.

Karen said...

julie – That would be like a dream job ;)
Now I'll have to check out Kaurismaki's films!

Helene – Yeah, small but with a lot of character. When I sit on it I feel a bit like Goldilocks... I'll have to post a picture with someone seated on this chair :)

kristina - no penny for them said...

love the powdery colour, just perfect. - and to imagine how many kids have sat on this chair...

Sanne said...

hi! first time i visit your blog, i love your use of color, very pretty!

alessandra said...

I love the chair and the colour of your wall.

Eva said...

Your blog is very inspiring. Thank you so much for sharing.
I have a collection of aprons and I'm wondering where you get the dot gray one on the first picture? : ) Thanks!

Eva said...

Forget about my last comment, I just saw that you have a shop with the beautiful apron! Hooray! : )