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30 Jun 2011

Tell me seven things on how you dress

Alessandra and Elisabeth recently passed me this seven things award. Thank you ladies!

1. When I say I like and use only comfy shoes, I mean it – slippers, crocs, trainers, these are the only shoes my complicated feet will tolerate. If you know me on a personal level you must have heard me moaning about my aching feet. Yes, like an annoying old lady.

2. And it's not only how my shoes look but what's inside them: two pairs of insoles (prescription + cushioned) and/or heel insoles and plasters.

3. I have an old white lab coat that I use whenever I paint (walls or furniture) or hand sand. I love its old-fashioned style and I feel great in it. I keep it on even if I've finished what I was doing.

4. Beige. I still remember the day I said I would never use something in beige. How dull! And here I am now, having beige as my fave colour. Wisdom comes with age.

5. I'm very sensitive to cold so I don't skimp on flannel pajamas (layers of them), socks and hoodies for the night.

6. Now during winter I use daily this worn but warm hand-spun wool cardigan (in the pic to the left). It's so shabby now that I only wear it inside the house and have to take it off when answering the door (same thing with those socks!)

7. My good friend, the concealer. Not only I need it to cover my dark eye circles but to downplay my most hated enemy – acne. I'm 33 (going on 34) and I can tell you this thing can really make you feel miserable. Perhaps I should try some faux beauty marks instead?

Ladies, you are next: Julie, Kelly, Kim, Ilse, Sally, Chelsea, Eva.


1. Cuando digo que me gustan y solo uso zapatos cómodos, no exagero: pantuflas, crocs y zapatillas son los únicos zapatos que toleran mis pies. Si es que me conoces personalmente, entonces muy probablemente me habrás tenido que escuchar quejándome que los pies me duelen. Sí, tal como una vieja.

2. Y no solo es como se ven mis zapatos pero lo que hay dentro de ellos: dos plantillas (unas recetadas por el doctor y otras blandas) y/o taloneras y curitas para los talones.

3. Tengo un delantal blanco de laboratorista que uso siempre que pinto (muros o muebles) o lijo. Me encanta el estilo pasado de moda que tiene y me siento tan bien cuando lo tengo puesto que no me lo saco hasta incluso después de haber terminado lo que estaba haciendo.

4. Beige. Todavía me acuerdo del día que dije que nunca usaría algo en beige. Qué cosa más aburrida! Y aquí estoy ahora – el beige es uno de mis colores favoritos. Ay, las cosas de la edad...

5. Soy muy friolenta así que no escatimo en piyamas, calcetines y polerones para la noche.

6. Ahora en el invierno uso todos los días en la casa este chaleco de lana artesanal que ha visto días mejores pero es tan abrigador (en la foto a la izquierda). Está tan feo ya que incluso me lo tengo que sacar para ir a atender la puerta (lo mismo con los calcetines).

7. Mi buen amigo, el corrector. No solo lo ocupo para ocultar las ojeras sino también para minimizar a mi enemigo número uno: el acné. Tengo 33 (ya casi 34) y esto en verdad puede hacerte la vida miserable. ¿Quizás debiera intentar camuflándolo con lunares falsos?

Ahora ustedes siguen: Julie, Kelly, Kim, Ilse, Sally, Chelsea, Eva.


tipitapa said...

Un post genial. Me voy corriendo a ver si lo que han escrito las que siguen son igual de tiernos y divertidos. Un abrazo!


Karen Barbé said...

Gracias María! Cariños para ti.

Kylie said...

How wonderful to see you Karen! Great list and I totally agree about comfy footwear :) Kx

WSAKE said...

i like your seven dress things very much! in winter i look kind of same with those sweaters and socks...

ElisabethAndrée said...

Nice post Karen:)

christel said...

I've just discovered your blog and your work ! My god ! All is so lovely !

alessandra said...
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alessandra said...

: D I too have a shabby cardigan that I even wear to sleep in colds night! and don't even get me started with feet aching moans...thank you for playing along Karen ♥

ilse acke said...

just seen your post! have to answer it, coming up :-)

Unknown said...

Your "grains de beauté" (literally. grain of beauty) are just lovely.

Montse Llamas said...

Me ha encantado ver tu rostro! Y conocer esas costumbres tuyas... Parece que muchas tenemos esa forma de vestir en casa tan anti-revista-femenina... ;)

Anonymous said...

This sounds strange, and I'm sure you've tried all sorts of solutions, but I'm your age and last year started taking evening primrose oil for an unrelated issue, and my acne (oh, hated hated acne) cleared up directly. The oil capsules did not address the other issue, but I will always take them now. If I forget, the zits come back, so I am sure it is the evening primrose that helps. Now I try to spread the word.

Karen said...

Thanks for the tip. Right now I'm on Accutane (my third time) and this definitely sounds like a good option to try. I'll see if I can find it here.

Abigail A. Percy said...

I like your list a lot... I like comfy flat shoes, too and also old warm cardigans in the house. Ryan and I joke that we are a bit of a disgrace wearing only loungewear and pyjamas in the house... we can't be seen in public ;)

I have bad skin, too - and am 28. I have had good results using Liz Earle face cleanser, and now I am using Aesop, too, which is good. I also switched to Mineral Make-up which works well and has helped the spots... my brand is Bare Essentials and it really covers spots well if you use the different brushes. I never go out without wearing that ;))

I am going to try the tip for evening primrose oil, too! Antibiotics didn't work on me :(

xo Abigail

Karen said...

Abigail – I'm going to google all the products you are mentioning here and see what can I find. I never lose the faith. Thank you.