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16 Apr 2011

Featured on El Mercurio-online

I'm so excited to be featured on the online version of El Mercurio newspaper! The sound bite says: "I struggle against the false and the pretentious."
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¡Feliz de haber sido entrevistada para la versión online del diario El Mercurio!
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Sofia said...

i don't understand a word of the article but yay! and the quote is great!

Karen said...

Thank you Sofia!

Amanda Baeza said...

qué buena noticia! :D

C SATHAL said...

Bravo bravo Karen !!

fanja said...

congrats Karen!
it is nice to see you, that picture is lovely.

C A R I Ñ O M A L O said...

Felicidades karen, tu trabajo es precioso, sencillo y evocador!
Me encanta tu blog!

Frances said...

Karen, I have just treated myself to a catch up of your recent posts. Bravo to you on the wonderful article. It's grand to see you and your beautiful creations getting this notice.

I also love the new textile designs, and that checkerboard scarf is a beauty.

(Sorry to learn of the printer problems, but you certainly have a grand attitude about such set backs!)


la casita de wendy said...

preciosa la entrevista! enhorabuena *_*

sofia said...

felicidades karen! :) and YOU are beautiful on that little picture up there! and so is the scarf offcourse :)

Anonymous said...

El titulo me encanto.

julie said...

hola guapa
you look nice !

Anonymous said...

felicitaciones, karen!!