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16 Mar 2011

Creative Mending – What you need

Karen Barbé | Textile designer | Mending

A friend of mine suggested I should make tutorials for my blog readers. I think I'll follow her advice. The first one will be on Creative Mending. I'm still working on it and hope to have it ready soon. In the meantime, you can gather the following:

· A knit to mend.
· A darning egg or a firm, smooth and convex surface (a small ball, a glass, something like this?)
· Different colours of yarns of a similar weight of the knit to be repaired (one of the colours should match the knit).
· Darning needle, sewing needle + floss, scissors.
· A piece of paper and a piece of cardboard.
· Colour pencils.

Bear with me, this will be fun!
Now I switch to Spanish.


Y bueno, no solo hago caso a la sugerencia de una amiga de hacer tutoriales, sino que también sigo otro consejo y ahora escribo acá también en español.

Anuncio entonces mi primer tutorial, que todavía no está listo, pero estoy trabajando en ello. Será de "Zurcido creativo". Mientras lo termino pueden ir juntando los siguientes materiales:

· Un TEJIDO que necesite remiendo o que esté gastado y en vías de necesitarlo próximamente.
· Un HUEVO DE MADERA para zurcir o en su defecto, un vaso, una botella, una pelotita plástica del tamaño adecuado para insertar dentro del área que vamos a reparar.
· LANAS de colores de grosor similar al del tejido que se reparará (uno de los colores debe ser igual al del tejido).
· AGUJA de lana (punta redondeada), aguja de coser + hilo, tijeras.
· Un pedazo de PAPEL y un pedazo de CARTÓN.
· LÁPICES de colores.

Ténganme paciencia, que esto va a ser divertido!


Mr. Spoqui said...

SIIIII!!! buenísima idea! :D
vamos a mostrarle esto también a nuestra mami, segurísimo que le va a encantar (y nosotros aprovechamos y aprendemos algo nuevo).

Anonymous said...

me parece grandioso que por fin este tu pos en español ,me encanta tu blog

alessandra said...

oh what a wonderful idea! thank you :)))

Macarena Gómez said...

no me lo quiero perder!

Karen said...

Spoquis: Eso! Zurciendo en familia!
N.N.: Gracias! Sí, ya estaba bueno que empezara a hablar en español, de pura floja ;)
alessandra: you are most welcome!
vestida de domingo: Aquí la esperamos pues!

Jaime Rugh said...

i love this!

So odd, yesterday I went to wake my daughter and saw a special blanket I had given to her had a spot cut out. I was sort of upset initially but then thought of those socks of yours which made me smile-
let it go and figure we would have to make a nice patch.
and now this-
can't wait for the follow up:)

Alita said...

super!! que bueno
estaré atenta a tu blog!

Sofia said...

oh, i love this!

Anonymous said...


Evie said...

oh i cant wait. this is something i have been meaning to get my grandmother to show me but she is over 5 hours from where i live and unfortunately we dont get a lot of time together.

Karen said...

jaime: oh! did you weave/knit that blanket?
Alita + Sofia + nsm: :)
handmade romance: I'll try to do my best with the tutorial then! It's hard to beat grandmas expertise.

Frances said...

Hello Karen, what a treat to catch up on all you've been up to! How do you manage to do so much?
I love the gift of the pincushions to nature. And your embroidered "weaving" is fabulous. Your new loom is also pretty incredible...it will open up even more possibilities, endless possibilities, really.
The mask...Wow! I love how you re-use cardboard.
And as for darning socks, I am also a darner, using a tiny dried gouard for my darning egg (given my by my mom.) I love the sound its inner seed make when I shake it. Two pieces of equiptment I need for darning are a bright lamp and my reading glasses!
I share your concerns for the folks in Japan.
Best wishes to you. xo

Karen said...

Frances: Hello my dear! Thanks for your comments.
Know what? I'm planning to get a huge embroidery magnifying glass – sometimes good light and my glasses are not enough!

bojana said...

can't wait for the tutorial. my mother used to use an old lightbulb for mending socks.

Jaime Rugh said...

it was a pendleton blanket i had monogrammed i love you-
but we'll make a little woven patch to fix it-
just wrote about it:

Anonymous said...

Mis Barbé
esperando impaciente por su tutorial

la casita de wendy said...

me encanta tu blog y estoy feliz de que hayas decidido hacer este tutorial y de que escribas en español!! genial!!!

Unknown said...

I am ready for mending Karen, with my Laine Saint Pierre!

Karen said...

karine: You know your lasts comments have had a must-google-a-part-of-the-comment for getting the whole meaning (>_<) haha! I don't think I had seen this laine before. Looks so good to work with... and the packaging is simply to die for!

Anonymous said...

Mis barbé:

Quiero comprar aquel pack de los cuadrados, me puedes contar cuento cuesta el envio a españa y los detalles quiero un par de packs.me lo puedes enviar a mi mail cuando tengas tiempo.

besos .__.

maja said...

i just want to say that i found you're blog now, and liked it immediately. beautiful in many ways.