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15 Jan 2011


Friday night is silhouette night!
I often wonder why I don't work more with shadows, contrast or negative shapes. It's not that I'm afraid of darkness, but when it comes to my visual fixations I stand on the bright side. Even these "shadows pictures" look bright. Sometimes I feel my own pale, dull appearance plays a role on how I see things. I love clear, flawless, glowing skins. I work hard every morning to hide my dark under circles with the thickest concealer. That's it, every day I erase the shadows from my face. Am I not doing the same thing with my work? (just asking myself aloud)

More on shadows:
A Short History of the Shadow by Victor I. Stoichita
In Praise of Shadows by Junichiro Tanizaki


agnes szucs said...

i think it might be true that your own looks have some effect on your works... Eva Zeisel used to say, that her works look like that because she herself is curvacious, too... so maybe it's no wonder that your shadows are light and birght.

agnes szucs said...

(bright, that is):P

Karen said...

agnes – oh it's so interesting to learn how artists build their own style. I didn't know much of Eva Zeisel, thanks for mentioning her! I'm doing some research right now. There's a documentary about her work that I'd love to see!

agnes szucs said...

:) :) she's my role model. :) she's 104 years old now, and still working, with the help of an assistant. i haven't seen the documentary, i'd love to see that too, but earlier i found a radio interview that i could listen to on-line, and also a little film about her 102nd birthday... and i got her book too, i love it... okay, that's it for now... i'm "talking" too much.

b said...


clippingimages said...

simply artistic idea....wonderful photography too. love it.....

Barbara B. said...

I really love the bi-color one.
Karen I don't refound your e-mail, can you write me to give your adress? you are one of my new year's giveaway winners.