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22 Dec 2010

Paper dress

[Karen Barbé · Textile designer · Paper dress]

[Karen Barbé · Textile designer · Carbon paper]

This lady needed a dress. Something to protect her from the dust and that would blend in with the place. I used this pattern I had bought some time ago. I hope to be able to make one (not of paper!) for me in the next days.
Enjoy the coming holidays!


Cynthia said...

i made a coat for my mannequin, because is black and gets dusty very often.
question, did you get yours here in chile? or you bought it elsewhere?

Karen said...

Cynthia – I borrowed it from my mother (and I'm not giving it back). I think she bought it from Maniquíes Ortega like 20 years ago?? I'm looking at their website and mine is exactly the same model but with fair skin. It's still in very good condition because she has always put a cover or plastic bag over it when not using.

Kylie said...

Oh I love it Karen! What a fabulous dress. Did you sew or tape the paper? Love your photo of the typing copy paper too - I have a collection as well. Such gorgeous paper :) Happy holidays! Kx

Karen said...

Kylie – Both! Most of the seams were sewn except for the sleeves, centre back seam and pleats, where I used double-sided tape.
Happy holidays to you too!

fanja said...

beautiful paper dress, can't wait to see the fabric version. happy holidays Karen!

Cynthia said...

I bought mine from Ortegas as well, but my has a black fabric like a very thin rip , and i think they dont do yours anymore,
I want to chance the cover skin to something more strong.
Is a good idea to use a cover !

Cynthia said...

* change