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14 Dec 2010


[Karen Barbé · Textile designer · Cherry] [Karen Barbé · Textile designer · Cherry] It's cherry season and I found a heart-shaped cherry! Is this like finding a four-leaf clover?


Same Length Pinkies said...

i'm sure it's comparable to finding a clover. in any case, it looks surreal.

auprès de mon arbre said...

The question is: what was this cherry flavor ?
I love your pixel drawings.

Karen said...

Pinkie + Helene – It was very exciting to find this one in a bag with a kilogram of cherries. It tasted very sweet and yummy, just like the others – I ate it immediately afterward taking this picture ;)

Sára said...

congrats on the decor8 feature, Karen! :)

Mr. Spoqui said...

Hello Karen Barbé, nice to meet your work! and nice to find a chilean in blogland :) we are chilean too

Clare said...

oh wow that's so great!
I came across your blog because of your wonderful cross-stitch designs. I am very much in love with your work!

Pihvi said...

Ciao Karen,
grazie per il tuo messaggio ed ancora complimenti per il tuo bel blog :)
Quando vuoi, scrivimi in italiano al mio indirizzo e-mail: considerami pure la tua "insegnante virtuale e gratuita di italiano" :)
Grazie, un saluto ed un abbraccio a tutto il Cile!

Alessandra G.

Karen said...

Sari – Thank you!! I was so excited to see that feature :)

Mr. Spoqui – Holaquétal chicos!

Clare – So glad you like them, thank you!

Alessandra – I'll be dusting off my Italian textbook then! Grazie mille!

Manon said...

I love your blog! Beautiful pictures.

Pihvi said...

Prego :)

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing.