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11 Oct 2010

In beige

[Karen Barbé · Textile designer · Tiles in beige]

[Karen Barbé · Textile designer · Tiles in beige]

So happy to have my right hand recovered (though still a little sore)! Thanks to all of you for your good wishes!!!

Now I'm trying to catch up with pending work and show you some other things I've been up to in the last weeks, like these tiles screen printed on a hemp/organic cotton blend in hues of beige.
Perhaps news has reached you of a group of 33 miners trapped in a mine in the north of Chile. After 70 days under the ground, finally the rescue is due this evening. Hope everything goes smooth and safe for these brave miners!


elena nuez said...

Karen tu trabajo me parece absolutamente delicioso y me encanta!

Francoise said...

Me encantaron sus 'beige on beige', como les llamo yo.. especialmente los diseños nuevos (para mí)!

Y por fin ya casi están fuera todos los mineros!!! (aunque por aquí ya anda el grinch del rescate, jaja).

Alexandra Macedo said...

Fortunately everything went well for firefighters. Now it will be difficult to deal with the new reality.

Ainda bem que já recuperaste. Bom trabalho! :-)

Frances said...

Karen, your tiles are marvelous! It's grand that you are making a recovery.

It is also grand that the miners were all rescued. I stayed up late the night of the initial rescue, and cried with joy to see that first man step out of the metal cylinder. It was a bit like a birth, wasn't it?

Best wishes.

Sára said...

Karen, it's good to see that you're better! this muted colour palette is so soft and dreamy, lovely!

Lauren @ Craft My Life Away said...


I have been eying your gorgeous tiles for a while now. I might purchase some soon, maybe a Christmas present to myself.