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7 Jul 2010

Tablet weaving

[Karen Barbé · Textile designer · Tablet Weaving]

Trying tablet weaving. I cut the tablets from cereal box cardboard.
Thanks to Einat for blogging about my work.


Mylittlegreatworld said...

Que lindo que hablen de tu trabajo desde el extranjero, felicitaciones!
Y que extraordinario lo que nos enseñas en este port, una manera diferente de hacer telares? uhhh fui a la pagina que indicas pero no entendi nada :(.
Espero que pronto nos enseñes el resultado.

kellyr said...

Wow, this looks beautiful. I want to try tablet weaving now. And you cut your cereal box cardboard so neatly.

MDeva said...

I used to learn in my secondary school. I have been thinking of it as I forgot how to weave and wonder if anyone will make anything by this process.
I'm so excited seeing your nice work.

Anna Emilia said...

Very pretty dear Karen. I remembered while looking your work how I kept one of my treasures as a child a folder filled with these made by my aunt. Maybe I should find that treasure folder back again.

Summer greetings from Finland!

Karen said...

Anna – oh that folder must be a treasure!
Your summer greetings are much appreciated in these cold days :)

Kylie said...

Wow! What a great find - it looks fantastic. Thanks Karen :) Kx

rachael said...


els martens said...

I also hope to weave again in the future. Currently, mainly knitting. But this book looks very interesting. Maybe you want to share the title?
I love to read your blog.