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27 Apr 2010

Travel guide of Chile

[Karen Barbé · Textile designer · 1960 Travel Guide of Chile]

[Karen Barbé · Textile designer · 1960 Travel Guide of Chile]

This is a 1960 travel guide of Chile. It's mostly in black and white but has some beautiful illustrations and maps in colour.
Today I met Ebba Redman here in Santiago! This is probably one of the most fun things that have happened from having a blog. I first knew her from her blog, then we met when we both coincided in Stockholm, we kept in touch and now, almost two years later, she came here to visit and get inspired by this side of the world. I was sort of afraid that Santiago didn't measure up to her expectations but after a couple of minutes of walking in the streets, I realised how amazed she was by all she was seeing, by how different this is from her own place. So for the next days I'll be in tourist mode, looking for the picturesque and the simple in this city.


Fulvia said...

Que preciosura de libretos! Que son los "choapinos"? Gracias por las fotos.

Karen said...

Hola Fulvia!

Si no me equivoco "choapino" es una palabra típica chilena. Es una alfombra tejida a mano de tamaño pequeño, puede ser la que se utiliza en las entradas de las casas para limpiarse los zapatos o alguna de uso interior. En todo caso es una palabra bastante antigua y diría que su uso es algo anticuado ;)


grossomodo said...

Hola Karen !
que retro-joyas tienes ¿donde encuentras estas maravillas? seguro son herencia familiar...
el artesano lo voy leyendo a trozos, son buenos ensayos para reflexionar sobre lo que significó y significa hoy en día trabajar con las manos y dominar una técnica.

Joselyn said...

Cute travel guide. Would love to know where you got the fabric in the background. Esta bonita!

Karen said...

Merche - Definitivamente lo tengo que leer!

Joselyn - The fabric in the background is actually an oil-cloth that I bought many years ago. You can probably notice its printing is slightly off set.

Margaret said...

Love the guide book! What a treasure! What kind of information does it give? Anything still relevant?

Karen said...

Margaret – Most of the places recommended in this guide still are current touristic destinations though their character might have changed in time – Sewell was in full swing, Pichilemu was just a quiet beach with train services direct from Santiago, and the lovely Valdivia didn't imagine the earthquake/tsunami that was to strike that same year and change its face dramatically.

Ingela said...

Lovely book!