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11 Apr 2010

La Singer

[Karen Barbé · Textile designer · Singer 242 + tiles]

[Karen Barbé · Textile designer · Singer 242 + tiles]

This is a Singer 242 sewing machine. We always called it la Singer (THE Singer), never "the sewing machine". As a child I remember being angry at my mother because she would sew during whole afternoons with this machine and wouldn't give me enough attention (meaning 24-7 attention).

Then came la Pfaff.
Now also find these tiles in Light Grey + Wasabi Green as a sew-it-yourself pack.
French knot detail not included. Made just for fun.


Kylie said...

What a beautiful machine! I love how your fabric tiles look there :) K

Ana said...

En casa de mi abuela también teníamos "la" Singer, aunque mucho más antigua todavía.
Qué choras las telas, me encantan.

Laura said...

Mi madre tenia 'la' Singer y 'la' Alfa, las dos con mueble. Yo siempre intentaba sacar la correa de la rueda :-)

Karen said...

Excelente, singeristas!

grossomodo said...

hasta tu máquina es vintage! que suerte tuviste, mi madre no sabía nada de costura..creo que por eso aprendí ; )

Hurricane Haylie said...

Hello, I clicked on the tile link to buy these tiles as a sew it yourself package but it says the page can't be found. I love those tiles and would love to sew a duvet cover with them. Can you help me out please? Thanks

Karen Barbé said...

Hurricane – They are sold out :(

Kelly said...

Can you tell me if the feed dogs can be dropped on this machine? I'm going to teach quilting in Rio and found out we will be using these machines. Thanks!