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29 Apr 2010


[Karen Barbé · Textile designer · Bellavista – Santiago, Chile]

[Karen Barbé · Textile designer · Bellavista – Santiago, Chile]

These pics are from yesterday's walk. A calm and warm autumn afternoon spent in Bellavista. There are lots of colourful houses in the area, one of them belonged to poet Pablo Neruda.


Anna Emilia said...

What colors you have around! Very glad to see this pictures.

Happy May Karen!

MICHELLE said...

What a picturesque town! I hope you'll show more soon.

Karen said...

Anna Emilia - Happy May to you too!

Michelle - Tomorrow I'll be posting some other pics but from Valparaiso! You'll see!

Margaret said...

Valparaíso is such a photogenic city! has a bit of everything- the good, the funky, the ugly, and the definitely quirky!

Margaret said...

Oops! Sorry- this was your Bellavista post! Chilean bohemian at its best... great graffiti too!

Mónica said...

Preciosas fotos y bonitas ideas :) llego a conocerte desde Kireei. Saludos