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31 Mar 2010

Some comments on the pins

[Karen Barbé · Textile designer · Pins]

[Karen Barbé · Textile designer · Pins]

[Karen Barbé · Textile designer · Pins]

I don't know if any of you tried to make pins like these but it happened that the silicone adhesive I used for gluing the parts cracked after some weeks so they kept coming off. After trying for a second time with the same glue and having the same results, I simply opted to use double-sided adhesive tape. And it has worked quite good up to this day.

Note the simple finish on the back. The idea was to only use materials I had at home so instead of using a brooch pin, I just attached a safety pin with vinyl electrical tape. Not so glamorous but funny, isn't it?


Catalina said...

precioso todo lo que haces Karen!

nath said...

no, not so glamourous, but as usual done with such care and attention that it elevates the materials to the extraordinary. really Karen, i think these brooches are so beautiful!