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22 Mar 2010


[karen Barbé · Textile designer · Chocolate balls

«If there is a delicacy upon the table, partake of it sparingly, and never help yourself to it a second time» – as stated in this book.

Such an ill-bred lady I am.


Anonymous said...

You have an amazing blog, I love it! Congratulations!

nath said...

gosh, me too, i'm always diving in for more. now they look delicious, what are they and did you make them? and then eat them all?

Karen said...

Camila – Thank you so much!

Nath – It's been days that I was craving for something really sweet. I thought of making the old classic recipe of ground cookies and condensed milk balls but the dough is always so sticky that you can barely roll the balls, so I tried this one instead. Delicious!

And, no, I haven't eaten ALL of them, but probably far more than the recommended daily intake ha ha

Ingela said...

Your blog is delicious!

Elin Winblad said...

I love Chokladboll! I haven't had them in a while though! NOM!

Sára said...

:) we call these "kókuszgolyó" in Hungarian- yummy!!

Karen said...

I love learning words in other languages! Thanks Sari.