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24 Mar 2010


[Karen Barbé · Textile designer · Cheburashka – Cross stitch notepad]

[Karen Barbé · Textile designer · Cheburashka – Cross stitch notepad]

(Left) Cheburashka postcard from here / (Right) My cross-stitch notepad

Through one of my favourite blogs, Soviet Postcards, I learned of Cheburashka, this little character I've seen around in Russian memorabilia. I don't know if the figure I copied some time ago from a Japanese cross-stitch book (no longer in my hands) is also a Cheburashka, a distant cousin or just a sort of light blue monkey, but it's lovable as well.
This one breaks my heart.


HELLO TIGER! said...

In Sweden we call him Drutten!

Anonymous said...

The Soviet Postcards blog is amazing! Lovely images. I think your "monkey" is very similar to Cheburashka, only cuter.


Karen said...

Tiger – So you've got your own version! I have to see him.

Camila – That blog is so good. Do check the author's flickr for more postcards.

Anna Emilia said...

Waiting to see your stitched version of this little one. What happy colors (:

Sára said...

oooh, this is way too cute!!! like a monchichi+dumbo rolled into one :)

Irina said...

hey, U wanna know the truth?)
i'll tell U a little story about Cheburashka.
it's not a monkey For sure. He is special kind between animal and toy. And everybody in Russia adore him) One day he had been found in the box with oranges (strange place of birth but...) and his story begin. Also Che (popular name of Cheburashka last years) have a friend. It's a big green Croсodile Gena). This couple had lot of funny adventures)

Alicia said...