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28 Feb 2010

Shaken tread

[Tråd pattern by Birgitta Hahn/10-gruppen]

Tråd (Tread) pattern by Birgitta Hahn/10-gruppen

A dreadful weekend. On Saturday's early morning central and southern Chile was awaken by a devastating earthquake and following tsunami that damaged coastal and insular areas. Fortunately my family, friends and I are all right. Thanks to all of you who have expressed your concern through messages and emails.

Though this is the second earthquake I experience (last one in central Chile was in 1985) and we are quite used to frequent seismic activity, this 90-second quake frightened the h out of me. It was the darkness, the noise, the stuff falling from the shelves (if not the shelves themselves), but most of all, the fear of uncertainty or even worse, the certainty, the actual possibility that "this is it."

I can't say the worst has happened – the death toll is constantly rising, there's looting in the affected cities and towns, and the prospect of recovery looks like a long and hard way ahead. But I do hope that sooner than later everything will be fine again :)


sandra said...

i have my thoughts in chile today. glad you are fine.

Jesse said...

Very glad you are okay - I hope things get back to normal as fast as is possible.

Lisa / birdie birdie said...

My thoughts are with you + Chile.

hiki said...

oh what a lovely blog and beautiful creations you have!
thank you so much for leaving a sweet comment on my blog, i was very touched myself :)
wish you all the best for a fast recovery for the damages made in Chile.

I. Maia said...

Thinking about Chile and wishing a lot of strengh for a quick recovery...

Karen said...

Thank you all for your words. Your best wishes are much appreciated. Let's hope for the best now.