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23 Jul 2009

Textileria: Kick off

[Karen Barbé · Textile designer · Embroidery]

[Karen Barbé · Textile designer · Embroidery]

Rug canvas must be my favourite embroidery surface. In fact, I love anything with a grid.

Thanks to all the people who have come here and left comments and sent emails after reading last week's Bloesem post about my work. I was totally surprised to see me featured there (Thank you Irene).

In the last weeks I've been setting up my Textileria, a place to showcase all my printed goods. For the moment I'll be selling only in Chile but I plan to add new products, open an online shop for international orders and do wholesale. A long way to go but very happy to be on it (at last).


Decortherapia said...

Hola! Soy productora de interiores y decoración en Buenos Aires y acabo de descubrir tu blog y tu trabajo! Me fascina! Me encnataría hacerte una nota para mi blog.
Contame qué te parece!

renee anne said...

please do, because I will buy from you.

amazing x

ii-ne-kore said...

wow - your posts are really great. i love your work, and am inspired by your latchhooking above (i am currently attempting a very basic owl, but i get discouraged, so it is so great to see beautiful original work like yours!)
AND thankyou so much for the tip you left on my blog a little while ago regarding fixing my comment gltch!! i just worked up courage to try it (i get scared everything will be deleted), and it worked - hoorah!!! i can;t thank you enough:)

Mom Wald said...

Thanks for stopping by Mom Wald's Place! I'm still loving these. There's so much work in such a tiny space!

hujour said...

Hi! I love your blog, so inspiring and so beautiful pictures, thanks Karen :)!