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1 Jul 2009

Black stripes

[Karen Barbé · Textile designer · Black stripes]

My copy of Good to Know finally arrived (pattern to the left). Amy organised this giveaway and luckily I was one of the winners (my first time ever to win something over the internet). This Good to Know issue is all about personal style (When does one know that a personal style has developed? Is it important to know what exactly that style is?) and includes some interesting insights from different illustrators and artists on the subject. I'm still reading it but already feel comforted from knowing that many artists/designers out there share similar doubts when it comes to define one's own style.

I love the Mohair Council logo.


Pikaland said...

I'm so glad you liked it Karen! :)

Guusje said...

I love your designs, it is so beautiful. I will definitely follow your blog. Lots of greetings from Holland, Guusje