Karen Barbé Workshops

1 Apr 2009

Nos Casamos

I thought of making some different and sweet wedding favours for my sister's. First she asked me to design the invitations – they both wanted a fun and laid-back thing and somehow related to the place where they are getting married, Quintay (a fishing cove and great place for diving very close to Santiago). After printing the cards I got the idea of screen-printing the same motif on tea towels as wedding favours. But they look so cute that I think no one's ever going to use them!


Adrianne said...

Wow - beautiful. Your sister is very lucky to have you make these for her! Will you show us a pic of the invites too?

Karen Barbé said...

Thank you Adrianne.
I'll be posting more images soon with different details.

Gaboushka said...

What a great idea, how many did you have to print? I love the design.

jo said...