Karen Barbé Workshops

26 Nov 2008

Nanduti lace

More examples here.
Watch here the first minutes of a documentary of Ñandutí lace.


FIFI LAPIN said...

beautiful, they'd make fantastic unusual christmas tree decs

Karen Barbé said...

Ah that would be beautiful!!!

Ebba Redman said...

Hi Karen,
I really like these! I am going to put a link to them on my new blog... Such pretty photographs too!
Hope you had a lovely christmas and have a Happy New Year!

Cushions - Melissa said...

They are really beautiful, and quite frankly the last thing I will use them for is doillies! This is the first time I've seen Nanduti lace, and I like it. There are definite possibilities for cushions decorations with this technnique too.