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19 Nov 2008

More craft magazines rescue

These magazines are from the same flooded batch. Beautiful samples of embroidery, crochet and braiding from Enciclopedia de Labores de Salvat (Spain, 1979).


Kristina said...

Thank you,thank you for sharing!!!I love these magazines,red houses are adorable!

Karen Barbé said...

I totally agree, those red houses are so cute!

Ebba Redman said...

Hi Karen,
Thanks for the good luck!
How are you? you got any plans to be in Sweden? Im thinking of applying for a Masters in Stockholm.
I love this post. The red houses are my favourites too :-) I have been making little silver lace houses recently and these will have to be added to my inspiration.
Hope all is well, will write to you soon,
Ebba x

Karen Barbé said...

Hi Ebba,

I want to see those little silver lace houses! Please have them posted soon on your blog.


all*over*print said...

Hi Ebba
just drop by to say hello and i love your blog too