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9 Oct 2008

The Almgren Silk Weaving Mill

Yesterday I finally visited this mill-museum I've been meaning to know since I read about it on Redgate Studios' blog (Rebecca came to Stockholm last year for the International Wallpaper Conference and got the chance to visit some other wonderful places). The Almgren silk weaving mill has been in production for almost 170 years which makes it a real living museum. Though I don't know much about weaving, I was equally impressed with the antique looms, the exquisite patterns and diagrams and the untouched working rooms, which are preserved just as they were originally arranged.


Redgate Studios said...

So glad you got there! The lady who does all of the weaving was there when I went working away, so quick. She was then kind enough to take me around and explain what each piece of equipment did.
Quite fancy having a go at weaving myself.
Are you still in Stockholm?

Karen Barbé said...

Lucky you! I had to visit it on my own, there was only a Swedish tour available...

Now I'm in Santiago, I just came back last week.