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21 Sept 2008

Yellow hues

Since being in Stockholm I've noticed a lot of muted yellow hues in design and architecture. I have always disregarded the use of this palette as I believe it could not be any less flattering (ok, I'm biased because I really look sick when wearing these colours). But here half of the buildings are painted in this dull yellow (and the other half in a soft terracotta) and people actually wear it in their outfits (it beautifully enhances golden hair). So now that autumn has officially arrived and I have found some wonderful examples, I think I could seriously welcome these colours into my primary design palette. Straw, gold, mustard, ochre, amber, butterscotch, beeswax, bamboo, bronze. And some olive, moss, fern, celery and lime to blend in.

Marimekko's shop windows for this coming autumn: La Botte floral pattern by Maija Isola; I love the beautiful detail of Isola's handwritting in the pattern (10.8.75 Helsinki "La Botte" Maija Isola); glass jars in Parnukka by Erja Hirvi.

When looking for some extra covers for this chilly autumn, I found this old bedspread in the attic of my apartment building. It's a bold printed bedspread by bedroom furniture company Lagans.

And have a look at what I also found going through a cupboard in this apartment.

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