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27 Aug 2008

Textiles - Nordiska Museet

Nordiska Museet is probably the museum I enjoy most. I love how they mix renowned designers, annonymous handcrafters and tradition into an exhibition that always feels fresh and modern. Here some pictures of textiles exhibited there.

From above: Applet (1959) by Annika Malmström for Mölnlycke Väveri. Screen printed and hand stenciled; (back) Pythagoras (1952) by architect Sven Markelius, one of the prominent figures of Swedish functionalism and (front) Abstraktion, curtain by Stig Lindberg, artistic leader at Gustavbergs Porcelain Factory; (front) two colourways of Windy Way (1955) by Astrid Sampe for NK:s Textilkammare (Nordiska Kompaniet's Textiles Chambers).

"The 1950s was the promised decade of textile design. After the Second World War, people wanted light, flowery motifs. This changed with the breakthrough of abstract art and its effect upon textile design. Fabric patterns that had previously only been decorative now gained intrinsic artistic value. Designers began to sign their textile prints. Even the large, colourful patterns from furnishing fabrics were used in fabrics for clothes."

Last week I met Ebba Redman from Domestic Craft and had a wonderful time talking about design, crafts and, of course, Nordiska Museet! She's a very nice, friendly and down-to-earth girl and much interested in how design and crafts are evolving.

Update: Click here for the Museum's high res version of these pictures.

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