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18 May 2008

MOO's Sticker Competition

By late April I submitted these pictures for the MOO's Sticker Competition. The pair in the centre were two of the 90 winners! I understand they were all chosen by public voting, so whoever voted for mine, thanks sooooo much! I was awarded with a Flickr Pro account which just comes in handy as I'm thinking of getting a new camera. To see all of the winners, go and click here.

[MOO's Sticker Competition]


Marisol said...

Felicitaciones, Karen. Yo también me he convertido en tu fan.

Karen Barbé said...

Qué halago, gracias!

Anonymous said...

Congrats! That is fantastic!! I personally love the latte and stop whaling...they're my favorite!


plush patterns said...

Hi Karen,

Really nice stickers, beautiful colours on the strippy one. Well done getting voted in the top 90 that's great news.