Karen Barbé Workshops

23 May 2008


At last! Some technical problems with the sewing machine, a quick trip to the States and receiving an important but brief visit in between, kept me from finishing this project before. Originally I was working on a pomegranate motif (see fruit on bottom right) but then other fruits entered the scene. This felt pillow is specially cosy and sweet, and feels like a pink creamy pie. I love how the wool loop trimming inspired the frutti lettering.


Julie said...

This is beautiful! It is like a pink pie :)

empordà experience said...

The pattern is really original! Love the cushion all. La silla es fantastica también :))

Karen Barbé said...


Anonymous said...

it's gorgeous.
I have no idea how you made it...but it looks incredible. the loops around the outside are really fitting, too.


ittybittybirdy said...

What a lovely design. Great work with the block print. I looks too perfect. Hard to imagine it was your first one!

Karen Barbé said...

Thanks for your comments, Chelsea Ann. And thanks for stopping by!