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28 Apr 2008

On my board

[This image is hosted on Photobucket]
[This image is hosted on Photobucket]

After working on a bunch of designs for a local sportswear apparel collection (that means lots of drawings in Illustrator), I drew these sweater/cardigan/pullover and pinned them on my board. My white leatherette board had been empty for months, except for a "Yo no canto tonteras" decal. It means something like -I don't sing silly things- and it has been like my motto since I read this phrase from Chilean folklorist Violeta Parra's last interview.


Marisol said...

Karen, Pablo recién me habló de tu sitio. Tienes cosas muy muy lindas. ¿Vendes algo?

Karen Barbé said...

Gracias!!!! No, no vendo nada, pero mi idea es crear en un futuro cercano mi propia línea de productos textiles. Espero sea pronto!!

empordà experience said...

Karen cunado lo hagas avisame! Me gustan tus ideas :)

Karen Barbé said...

Muchas gracias, Daniela! Es tan alentador recibir buenos comentarios sobre mi trabajo!

Ci vediamo.