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14 Feb 2017

Colour Confident Stitching book is here!

I'm so happy to finally announce that my first book Colour Confident Stitching is ready! It's been loooong months of work so being able to actually touch it and browse through its pages feels like a dream come true.

Colour Confident Stitching will help you create beautiful colour palettes for your projects. It does not matter how many times you feel you have failed in the past when choosing colours. The good news is that colour is a skill that can be learned. We all have the potential to shine just by learning the process and putting it into practice. Although the focus here is embroidery, the theory and process of creating colour palettes has many potential applications beyond stitching.

Get started with this book that brings together tips on how to discover and dissect a world of colour and harmony into palettes, grids and stitches to build your own interpretation. Through a simple and yet thorough understanding of color theory, I share concepts, tools and explanations to recognise, understand and combine colours that can be applied to any kind of creative project. Colour Confident Stitching walks you through wonderful visual narratives that were conceived especially for this book. With my camera I take you on a trip around the streets, into the home and those small surprises that provide vivid examples of the core premise: anyone can train to capture and build their own colour palettes.

Colour Confident Stitching : How to Create Beautiful Colour Palettes
by Karen Barbé

Paperback, 128 pages
The Pimpernel Press
London, United Kingdom
Language: English

The publication date is March 2nd, 2017 but you can pre-order it now from these online shops:
Book Depository

Colour Confident Stitching is my first book and I have dedicated it to my niece Violeta because I love her so much and because I wanted to honour all the moments we've spent together colouring with pencils and recognising colours in things, flowers and animals. I'm not sure if she understands this now but this is my way of handing down to her my passion for colour and embroidery.