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17 May 2010


[Karen Barbé · Textile designer · Palm Leaf Stitch – diagram]

[Karen Barbé · Textile designer · Palm Leaf Stitch – detail]

[Karen Barbé · Textile designer · Palm Leaf Stitch – detail]

I believe this is called Palm Leaf stitch.

Choose a yarn thick enough to cover the canvas rug (beware, it eats yarn) and follow the numbers in the diagram above. Bring the needle up in square 1 (bottom centre) and put it in square 2. Follow with the rest of the numbers. Bring the needle up in odd numbers squares (column in the middle) and put it in the squares with even numbers. It can be worked counter- or clockwise.


Now the crocheted cushions are also available from the Blanket Store, a lovely shop in Frankfurt selling wool blankets from 18 different countries. If you happen to be around, don't forget to visit it!


Anna Emilia said...

Oh this looks like a work for winter, I will remember this pretty thing dear Karen! Thank you. Leaves, they do fill my ears with their brittle sound today.

I will be in Frankfurt in late June, though it will be very busy time, I will sure go to see your blankets! (Because it is where the lovely market hall is too.)

Happy Tuesday!

Zita said...



Laura said...

Que bonita textura!
Interesante la tienda, gracias por el link.

Denise Felton said...

Gorgeous! I love your tutorial so much, I linked to it from my blog. You can see the story here: http://needlework.craftgossip.com/stitch-a-palm-leaf-rug/2010/05/18/. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful content.


Karen said...

Anna – Sí! This is a perfect craft for cold weather, especially after a long walk crunching dry leaves...
Hope you can pay a visit to the BS while in FRA :)

Zita – Hello dear Zita!

Laura – Sí, resulta una muy linda superficie. A ver si luego me animo a combinar colores con esta puntada.

Denise – Thanks for linking. I never thought of larger projects using this stitch but I can definitely imagine it in a rug! Great idea.

Rosali said...

Thanks is very nice.
Gracias es muy bonito este trabajo.

tortuga rebelde said...

demasiado lindo!
te felicito, y gracias por compartir :D

Masha said...

Oh, thanks for pointing to the Blanket Store - that's such an amazing idea. I love wool blankets.

If there also was a tea store next door on one side and a little bookshop on the other it would be a dream...

Karen said...

Rosali y Tortuga Rebelde – Gracias por visitar!

Masha – What a lovely spot that would be! I can imagine spending whole afternoons there...

Dana Barbieri said...

Beautiful blog. I found you via all over print!

alicia said...

just came across your website and fell in love.
so im sending you some:)

lovely stuff.

paula said...

oh my god, im in love with this technique. im sure ill send you a picture of my finished work!

Anonymous said...

your blog is really inspiring and your works are amazing. btw, could you please let me know where can i find the canvas rug used in this particular stitching?

sya (harith_hiliza@yahoo.com)
sending lots of love from malaysia

491dddbe-6172-11e1-a691-000bcdcb2996 said...

I really want to re-create this. What type of wool did you use? I suppose it would have to be fairly sturdy to hold up with walking on it. This is a wonderful idea and i can't wait to get started.

Karen Barbé said...

I recommend you use the thickest wool available for the size of canvas you'll be working with. Good luck.